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These items can be used to cause damage to monsters, or other players in multiplayer PVP.

Tiering in Avali weapons is shown plainly, with the number being the tier of the weapon. Some weapons, like the Dire Shard, have special modifiers to their tier (Ex.: VB-XLA2 Dire Shard, for the tier 6 weapon crafted at the Accelerator Table)

All guns of the same type (Ex., AM1 Firelance and AM5 Firelance) have the same graphics.


All guns are crafted at the Weapon Workbench.

AM# FirelanceEdit

This 2-handed weapon fires like a cross between a bow and a sniper rifle. It fires a single, high-damage round in a straight line, but requires you to charge it up just like a bow beforehand.

Values are per shot. Damage is listed as Max per shot.

Tier Damage Energy Recipe
AM1 99 110

18 Iron Bar, 250 Pixels

AM2 225 165

18 Steel Bar, 250 Pixels

AM3 357 220 18 Titanium Bar, 250 Pixels
AM4 506 275 18 Durasteel Bar, 250 Pixels
AM5 748 165 16 Refined Aegisalt
AM6 1067 461 16 Ferozium Compound

AR# BlizzardEdit

This is the Avali's assault rifle. Held in 2 hands, it fires a stream of bullets at the mouse position.

Using 250 Pixels and an Avali Data Chit, any AR# can be upgraded to fire different rounds. The AR#-HE fires rounds that explode on impact, while the AR#-R fires rounds that can rebound twice off walls.

Tier DPS ROF Damage Energy Recipe
AR1 81 3.33 24 27 12 Iron Bar, 200 Pixels


185 3.33 55 41 12 Steel Bar, 200 Pixels
AR3 293 3.33 88 54 12 Titanium Bar, 25 Pixels
AR4 414 3.33 124 68 12 Durasteel Bar, 200 Pixels
AR5 612 3.33 184 41 12 Refined Aegisalt
AR6 873 3.33 262 116 16 Ferozium Compound

MG# HailstormEdit

It's a minigun. The rounds fire rapidly, but individually do little damage. 

Tier DPS ROF Damage Energy Recipe

PD# FrostbiteEdit

The Avali's pistol. Fires automatically.

Tier DPS ROF Damage Energy Recipe

QRC Type-#Edit

A shotgun most useful in close quarters.

Tier DPS ROF Damage Energy Recipe


Unlike the guns, each melee weapon has a different graphic for each tier.

  • HH# Frost (Dagger)
  • P-# Hail (Throwing spear)
  • SK# Glacier (Hammer)
  • VB-XL# Dire Shard (Broadsword)
  • VB# Shard (Shortsword)
  • VL# Icicle (Spear)

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